Crimsons Unveil Jerseys for 2017-18 Season

The varsity football players were caught by surprise at the sight of their new uniforms. In the days leading up to the first game, Manual Athletics began touting the week one football game as a “Black Out,” meaning all fans coming to the game were to be decked out in black Manual gear. With the impending solar eclipse following just days after the game, it made a lot of sense. What didn’t make sense was when Coach Carmony handed out the uniforms on the night before the game. “Red jerseys, white pants, and black socks…” is what the players were told. Furthermore, Coach Carmony made a point to tell the boys that the black uniforms simply weren’t in yet.

After the Thursday practice (and under the cover of rain and darkness), the coaching staff and booster club set to work.

All were sworn to secrecy. The Crimsons went to bed that evening believing that their socks would be the only way they would participate in the next day’s black out.

On game day, the team followed their normal routine – walk through, team meal, gather gear, load the bus … Still convinced that they were wearing their normal home reds, they began to file into the stadium. Then, senior Dalen Horton led the team into the locker room. Our Booster Club Twitter account admin was on hand to capture the moment:

One player said, “I suspected that Coach was trying to fool us, but that didn’t take away from how excited all of us were to actually see new digs and finally get to put them on.”